Sugar scrub for face at home: the good recipes

The skin of our face every day die hundreds of cells. Accumulating, they are tightly clog the pores, creating trouble for us in the form of acne. Eventually shelled cells cover the entire face, giving it a gray, dull appearance. Let’s not turn yourself into a cemetery of dead epidermis. We propose to use a sugar scrub at home to revive the skin.

Why the sugar?

His scarlet particles is able to clean the pores, exfoliate, expel dead skin particles of the epidermis, to give you a sparkling, radiant look. You can use the purchase cleansers, but we also want to give the skin the best, and what could be more valuable natural products? Sugar scrub for face and shut up for the belt the most expensive, famous drugs of cleansing the skin. Its advantages:

  1. Ideal for all types of persons.
  2. Additionally moisturizes the dermis.
  3. Absolutely safe, non-allergenic.
  4. Ideal for combining with other ingredients.
  5. Its unique composition is very useful to the epidermis.
Components sugar What they are useful
Glycolic acid Promotes the synthesis of collagen, improves the elasticity of cells
Tanzini Further strengthens, tightens the epidermis
Monosaccharide dihydroxyacetone Improves complexion, giving it a light bronze color
The monosaccharide rhamnose Smoothes the skin, tightens and treats the fibers of the fabric

A sugar scrub at home to treat the face in the first few minutes should be quite careful, then, as the dissolution of its grains, the intensity of the massage grow. Surprisingly, the sugar (the excess of which is harmful to the body), as part scrabulous mass, effectively help us to get rid of acne, additionally creates anti-cellulite effect. It is also able to remove rough calluses.

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Recommendations for use

To scrub has brought the most use and fun, don’t forget to clean the skin before the procedure (we need to maximize the time). And try not to dissolve the sugar completely, because the effect and give it grains. When you create the sugar scrub with your hands, squeeze from it the maximum benefit, adding a number of additional components:

  • For more moisturizing: 6 ml of cocoa butter.
  • To increase the tightening effect: 3 ml of oil, tocopherol (buy at your local pharmacy).
  • For the magic of the fragrance: 5 drops of your favorite essential oil (you can take orange, sandalwood, fir, lavender, etc.).
  • If you want to improve the complexion: a few pinches of dry herbs or flowers (thyme, chamomile, mint), 5 ml of carrot juice.
  • To enhance the bleaching qualities: 1 teaspoon of juice of cucumber or lemon

Make a facial scrub of sugar 2-3 times weekly (if skin is oily), dry one time is enough. Handle surface for a few minutes, and then leave the composition on the face of 15-25 minutes for best results. The full course consists of ten treatments, then allow the person to rest 2 weeks.

Best recipes

When making the scrub, you can use any sugar (white, grape or cane), as long as the sugar grains were small. Do not use for procedures baby or mineral oil (they clog pores).

Heals dry skin

  • Whitening: mix the sugar (50 GRS), natural lemon juice (2 tsp), olive oil (6 ml) sour cream (2 tbsp).
  • Nutritional: sugar (7 g) add any natural oil (20 ml).
  • Moisturizing: mashed banana (3 tbsp) enter the sugar (25 grams) and melted butter (35 ml).
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Restoring aging

If the skin is very sensitive, take sugar instead of powdered sugar

  • Scrub of sugar and honey: mix honey (5 ml) with the milk porridge of oatmeal (2 tbsp) and sugar (7 grams).
  • Anti-aging: making the composition of the sugar (2 tablespoons) natural cocoa powder (15g), olive oil (20 ml), milk (3 tsp).

Getting oily skin

  • Sour cream: mix sour cream (2 tsp), natural yoghurt (50 g), sugar (7 ml), buttermilk (3 tablespoons). Yogurt can replace the chicken with protein.
  • Potato: scrub includes sugar (7 grams) and lemon juice (1 tbsp). We need to get the sugar soaked with juice. Then add the cooled mashed potatoes (20g).
  • Brown sugar: take a glass of any natural vegetable oil and cane sugar. Add 50 grams of honey, and powdered oatmeal (3 tablespoons).

Help combination

  • For a perfect complexion: sugar (25 grams) shall pound with cheese (1 tbsp), then dilute liquid honey (10 ml).
  • Against pigmentation: sugar (7 grams) mixed with concentrated lemon juice (1 tbsp), one egg yolk. Then dilute everything with water (5 ml)

Scrub-antioxidant for any skin type. Mix the vanilla (1 teaspoon), dry green tea (10 g), olive oil (50 ml), half a Cup of sugar.

A sweet treat for your lips. Make them juicy and soft. Sugar (7 grams) mixed with honey (1 tsp) and 5 ml of any natural vegetable oil. Instead of honey you can take vaseline. On the lips after a little massaging the scrub keep for 2 minutes.

When you conduct diabetes treatments, slander following words: «sugar is white, so my skin is white as pure sugar, so my face is clean. Skrabic my sweet, make me smooth. Let it be my word hard, face the light!». Give yourself a little bit of magic!

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