Stylage fillers and biorevitalization new generation

In aesthetic cosmetology for the purposes of rejuvenation are widely used tools based on hyaluronic acid. The French company “Laboratorie Vivacy” in 2006 developed the line products Stylage produced by special technology of pharmaceutical raw materials high quality by way of biological fermentation. They are intended for injection methods of rejuvenation — mesotherapy, biorevitalisation, contour plastics. Since 2009, their use is officially permitted in Russia.

Features drugs “Laboratorie Vivacy”

Important factors influencing the appearance of visible symptoms of age-related changes mostly the face, neck, and arms is the accelerated formation and accumulation in tissues is toxic for cells of free radicals, decrease the content of water in the tissue and degradation of collagen and elastin protein fibers. One of the major substances that hold water molecules and promoting restoration of collagen and elastin is hyaluronic acid, the content of which in the human body with age, gradually decreases.

Being a beautician a new generation of drug Stylage, in comparison with other drugs of the same purpose, has a number of advantages, due to the composition and structure. The drug is a monophasic gel-like substance composed of hyaluronic acid and natural antioxidant polyhydric alcohol mannitol.

As a result of applying specially developed technology IPN-Likeдве single-phase network of hyaluronic acid are joined into a single monophasic IPN-Like structure in which the previous network mechanical characteristics are partially independent from each other. With this aim, applied rediculiously (binding seal) agent“BDDE”. This mutual penetration of sustainable hialuronowy chains helped to create a gel with Stylage:

  • the optimum density of the chemical bond in monophasic gel with a minimum use of agent-stabilizer, which led to significantly slower biodegradation of hyaluronic acid in tissues (destruction of hyaluronic acid by the enzyme hyaluronidase);
  • partial preservation of the independence of the United networks, which provides accurate and easy administration of the drug, and an ideal uniform distribution in the tissues;
  • guaranteed steady state of the drug not only for the introduction but also in the area of its distribution; this is achieved through ionic, hydrogen and other plastic linkages between the two networks.
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Agent “BDDE” binds the hyaluronic acid molecules in volumetric unit. It was his presence and due to the negative tissue reaction at the injection site of the drug. The specificity of the production technology of the gel allowed the use of this agent in the lowest possible concentrations and to prevent negative reactions in the areas of introduction.

The Range Of Stylage


One of the drugs line is the solution for mesotherapy and biorevitalization “Stylage hydro” with a low concentration of hyaluronic acid (12.5 mg/g). It is intended for introduction into the superficial dermal layers and is mostly used in mesotherapy. Its action persists for 2-4 months. The drug is indicated for dryness of the skin, lack of elasticity and surface roughness. It can be administered into the skin of the face, neck, hands, upper chest. After the introduction of the hyaluronic acid stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen, promotes water retention in tissues and mannitol relieves them from free radicals. The result of mesotherapy is already apparent after two days and persists for 2-4 months.

Biorevitalization Stylage hydro Max has a more prolonged exposure (6-9 months), due to the higher density of the drug (12 mg/g). Biorevitalizant has a pronounced and long-lasting moisturizing effect that slows down during the aging process, prevents photoaging of the skin and significantly improves its structure, reduces the severity of rosacea and the intensity of hyperpigmentation. The same solution can be used for mesotherapy. The treatment course is 2 or more treatments with an interval of 2-3 weeks, maintenance therapy is one treatment once a quarter.

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In addition to these solutions the line includes fillers Stylage S, M, L, XL, XXL, Specia lLipsс even higher densities (16 to 26 mg/g) and the duration of effect saving (up to 1 year and longer). This allows them to be applied differently for the purpose of correction of wrinkles, small and medium the severity of deep wrinkles and correction of folds, contouring treatments to restore tissue volume in a region of the temporal and zygomatic bones create volume of lips and chin, etc.

The advantages of the line Stylage

Thanks IPN-Like technology, Stylage fillers have such advantages as:

  1. The ability to effectively eliminate deep wrinkles and folds.
  2. Successful restoration of the structure and elasticity of even a fairly thick skin.
  3. The ease and accuracy of administration, distribution and concentration within the boundaries of the desired area with a natural smoothing of the surface.
  4. The long-term retention in the tissues and, consequently, a long term of effect of the performed aesthetic correction.
  5. The absence of side effects at the injection of the gel.

The antioxidant mannitol in the composition of the gel:

  • increases the resistance of hyaluronic acid to a high temperature;
  • provides the stability of its physico-chemical characteristics even during long-term storage of drugs;
  • promotes the excretion of tissue free radicals, thereby improving the condition of the tissue and minimizing destruction in them hyaluronic acid;
  • reduces the inflammatory response at the injection of the drug.

If the introduction of other means of correction based on hyaluronic acid only 1/3 part of the administered amount is spent on the correction of wrinkles and the rest — to protect from free radicals, the function of antioxidant in the formulations of Stylage performs mannitol, hyaluronic acid is completely spent for the correction of defects, which creates significant savings. Drugs line can be combined with Botox or Dysport.

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