Scrub of baking soda for the face: the best recipes in the home

We are all familiar with soda, know about her cleansing, vypilivaya properties. But this aggressive powder used in the care of our delicate skin? Is it worth it, is it dangerous? Let’s first look at what is a soda substance.

Soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a white crystalline powder, with sour taste, no smell. If water this absorbtive actively produces carbon dioxide.

The strength of baking soda to effectively soften even very hard water. It is able to cope with any fat (when combined with water, this substance yields an alkaline reaction, in which all fats are split).

The effect of soda in caring means

Sodium bicarbonate has powerful antibacterial and emollient properties. It is a valuable beauty recipes. Note that soda is not part of a series of daily treatments (peeling is carried out 1-2 times weekly). Getting on our skin (as you know, a normal alkaline balance her pH 5.5), soda powder its alkaline reaction increases the balance.

The epidermis begins with the destruction of lipids (fat cells). Lipids create on the surface of the skin a kind of protective mantle. Losing her, the skin is dried, it starts flaking. But only if the sebaceous glands are functioning normally, without undue separation of fat.

Impossible! To use the baking soda the next factors:

  • The arrangement of the capillaries close to the surface of the dermis
  • If there is disease of the circulatory system
  • Skin is extremely sensitive and thin
  • Heavy inflammatory processes
  • With open wounds, scratches

Soda is the best assistant for oily skin. It will help to narrow pores, remove greasy Shine, reduce acne, remove black spots (comedones). It will be useful and its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the sodium bicarbonate absorbs various toxins, all the harmful substances that remain on the skin after your Foundation and powder.

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How useful scrub soda

This is a great tool that penetrates deeply into the pores of the dermis. After a series of treatments the skin is completely freed from the keratinized (they are guilty of blockage of the sebaceous duct and prevents acne inflammation). The result soda scrubs – smooth, clean skin free of wrinkles and unsightly Shine.

The modern world of caregivers will delight us with a wide variety of different peels and scrubs on the basis of the soda powder, but have our traditional recipes.

The best recipes in the home

Nature is the only book on all of my pages entering into the deep meaning

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Nature is always right. The only drawback of sodium bicarbonate, we can calculate it more hard, rough impact. But the result is worth it. So, our best recipes:

Rid of blackheads

  • Mineral water: ½ Cup
  • Soda: 7 ml
  • Salt: 5 g

In the mineral water and dissolve the other components. You need to treat problem areas, schrebera for 5-7 minutes, three times a day.

Improve complexion

  • Cosmetic clay (any): 8 g
  • Orange zest: 1 tablespoon
  • Apple cider vinegar: 1 teaspoon
  • Ground coffee: 20 ml
  • Soda: 2 g

Mix the orange peel, clay and coffee together. Pour mixture of boiling water. Then add the other components. After thorough mixing, can be used for the face. Massage for 3 minutes, then leave on the skin for a quarter of an hour.

The shelf life of soda powder 18 months (if the stack of open keep it may be six months). To check if it would fit to scrub using the vinegar. If the soda is good, but it will bubble and sizzle. The quieter the sound the less the properties of matter.

Treat problematic skin

  • Flour (any): 30 g
  • Soda: 1 teaspoon

All components mix and dilute with warm water. The mixture consistency should be like sour cream. This scrub out of baking soda is 3 minutes, then keep the mixture on the skin for 10 minutes.

Moisturize the epidermis

  • Ground oatmeal: 2 tbsp (more recipes scrubs with oatmeal you look here)
  • Cinnamon powder: 5 g
  • Soda: 7 ml

All ingredients farmed warm water. Massaging the face for 5 minutes and soak the composition on the skin a quarter of an hour. Besides moisturizing, this scrub gently exfoliates the face.

The oldest kind of soap – Marseille. It was invented by the French in the XVII century. This amazing soap, which copes with the dirt and gently wash your face, consisted of several components. Olive oil, lemon juice and soda. In our days this soap is very much appreciated in the care of the skin. By the way, it is still made according to old recipes.

Remove pimples (recommended for teenagers)

  • Soapy water: 1 tbsp
  • Soda: 30 oz

The components are mixed until homogeneous. Vozdeistviem on the epidermis for 5 minutes and leave for 10. Do not use soda scrub, if you have already opened purulent, or acne.

Clean young skin

  • Potato starch: 2 tbsp.
  • Milk: ½ Cup
  • Soda: 7 g

Starch carefully stir with soda powder. Then gently pour in the milk, not forgetting to stir. Peeling lasts 7 minutes. Then let the composition for 10 minutes.

Facial scrub out of baking soda should not be applied all over the face – treat only problem areas. Rinse the remnants of the scrub cold water (warm then cold). When all said and done, don’t forget to put on the face of any nutritious cream. Be aware of these subtleties and your face will delight you with its landscaped beauty!