Scrub for oily skin: top recipes at home

Homemade scrub for oily skin is one of the most essential cosmetics that not only cleans the pores but also controls excess sebum. With regular use it can improve the condition of the epidermis in case of improper operation of the sebaceous glands. Without it, owners of greasy skin type will be hard to cope with the many problems that they constantly have: greasy luster, black spots, pimples, acne and other rashes. In your own kitchen or in the medicine Cabinet you can find a large number of substances and products that will make excellent scrub this operation.


To scrub for oily skin at home is to be maximally effective and useful, effective and justify the hopes assigned to him, you need to be able to properly prepare it. Much will depend on the ingredients you choose. First, they must be dried. Second, fresh. Thirdly, do not cause skin allergies.

In tools of this kind will be useful to add:

  • citrus: in the first place — lemon in any form (juice, zest, peel), oranges, tangerines, grapefruits;
  • dairy products, but they should be either fat-free or very low content of fat;
  • egg protein;
  • cereal;
  • rice flour;
  • berries;
  • sugar;
  • salt (sea and food cooking);
  • soda;
  • yeast.

In addition, these ingredients are quickly and effectively clean even the most clogged pores, they still possess anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, the prepared scrub for oily, problem skin will become even and salvation from acne and pimples. He didn’t disappoint, will need to make this tool all the rules of the home cosmetology.

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Application features

A number of small women’s tricks will help even the most inexperienced and young the owner of oily skin type to prepare an efficient and effective scrub for the face — drying, cleansing and anti-inflammatory.

  1. Carefully treat the choice of recipe. If there are the products, which you hear for the first time, better not to risk it and see other options.
  2. Made tool — check it in your of allergens. Spread a thin layer on your wrist and track the results. In the absence of itching, rashes, burning sensations, feelings of discomfort, you can apply the scrub for its direct purpose.
  3. Before the procedure, make sure you clean the skin from makeup. The best option would be a steam bath, which will help to open the pores wider towards the active substances of the prepared scrub.
  4. Be careful if the person has large foci of inflammation: purulent acne scrubs are contraindicated.
  5. Apply the scrub in a thick layer and starts to smear rubbing motions all over the face. All manipulations must be carried out strictly along the massage lines.
  6. If it’s a scrub mask, a lot can be left on the face for 7-10 minutes.
  7. Better rinse with filtered, clean water, herbal broth or skim milk. In any case, whatever you chose, the liquid should be warm.
  8. The final stage would be the application of appropriate drying or anti-inflammatory cream.
  9. Frequency of 1 or even 2 times in the week: it depends on difficulty and neglect of the facial skin.
  10. Course of treatment — 10 procedures, then it is highly recommended to change the scrub on the other, so oily skin is not used to it.
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If we consider all these nuances, even at home, you can be able to make a great scrub for cleansing oily skin, which, as we know, requires special care. Knowing the list of ingredients used for its creation and the peculiarities of its use, the recipe will choose very difficult, because a lot of them.


The variety of recipes to stay on those components which will not harm your skin type. If some of the scrubs will be useless, just pick up a different composition.

  • With cereal

Crushed corn flakes (100g) mix with rice flour (50 g), dilute the dry mix yogurt (200 ml).

  • With strawberries

The pulp of strawberries (50 g) mix with liquid honey (20 ml), almond oil (20 ml).

  • Sugar

For this recipe, it is better to take cane sugar (100 g), pour some olive oil (50 ml).

  • With lemon

Lemon juice (50 ml) mix with rice flour (100g), add the papaya pulp (50 g).

  • With avocado

Mix crushed corn flakes (20g), the flesh of the avocado (10 grams), honey (10 ml).

  • With honey

Mix the honey (30 ml) with wheat bran (20 g) and lemon juice (30 ml).

  • With yeast

Mix the dry yeast (a teaspoon) of cereal (20g), lemon juice (10 ml).

  • Multicomponent scrub

Mix 15 g olive oil, dry yeast, lemon juice, carrot juice, non-fat yogurt.

Regularly use a scrub to cleanse oily, problematic skin at home — it is a must. The only way she can get rid of greasy Shine and a nasty, painful rash. In this case, you can now look stunning in any situation.

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