Scrub for lips at home: how to make and use

There is the soul occur on the lips lovers…

Percy Bysshe Shelley

But they are unlikely to occur if the skin is weathered, cracked. Frost, wind, sun mercilessly heritage there. We will not allow to prevail the loneliness and rejuvenate our lips. For this you need a scrub.

But how to make lip scrub, because they are so sensitive and delicate! And suddenly we will further add to their roughness? Don’t worry. Home peels, which we will prepare will be perfect for delicate skin. They very carefully removed all unneeded, dead particles, moreover, such care makes the lips more plump and alluring. We have our own secret recipes!

The secrets of making and use

Most importantly, homemade lip scrub was gentle, and abrasive components are able to dissolve on the skin during the procedure. For the basics it is best to take various natural oils (vegetable or animal). And as a peeling additive ideal would be the sugar (you want to have «sugar» the mouth?). To properly make lip scrub at home, get acquainted with the simple rules.

How to use a lip scrub

  1. Prepare the skin. Soak a cotton pad in hot water and gently apply on the mouth. Soak a few minutes. Do this several times. Hot, steaming surface will better resist peeling, carefully to absorb all the nutrients.
  2. Apply. A lot of scrub brush on lightly, gently, almost massaging the skin. Do not push, RUB, stretch the epidermis. To skrabirovanie possible with a soft toothbrush.
  3. Keep. Once you have pomassirovti the surface of the mouth, leave the peel mixture on skin, keep some time for the dermis to the last cells absorbed all the most useful.
  4. Shoot. To remove the remaining scrub with warm water is necessary. Wash your skin with gentle movements, gently massaging her. Then Pat dry with warm towel. After cleansing, support the moisture of the epidermis with a nourishing cream.
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If you have severe damage on the lip have cracks, zaedy, inflammation or herpes, put it on hold while peeling. First to heal. When the surface of the mouth healthy, make lip scrub at home in the evenings. But not every day, otherwise the thin skin may be damaged. After the procedure, take two days break.

Magical recipes us

  • Rejuvenating lip scrub from honey and sugar

Mix granulated sugar (7 g), liquid honey (5 ml), natural peppermint oil (1 drop). After exfoliating the skin will become rich, supple, tight.

  • Fragrant citrus

Peeling prepare a mixture of grapefruit juice (2 tsp), sugar (20 g), honey (5 ml), olive oil (3 ml). Massage the dermis 10 seconds.

  • Nutritional cheese

Prepare a scrub from honey, Hercules flakes (crushed to a powder), low fat cottage cheese. All the ingredients we need to take half a teaspoon. On the surface of the epidermis keeping the mixture after the peel for 2 minutes.

  • Cleansing sugar scrub for lips

We need brown sugar (50 grams), olive oil (3 ml). After treatment, keep the mixture for 15 seconds. Then apply to the surface of your mouth vaseline.

  • Healing aspirin

To treat chapped surface of the skin and make the exfoliation with sugar (1 teaspoon), crushed aspirin, add 10 drops of glycerin with olive oil. It’s kind of a mild chemical peel that is very effective for thin, extra-sensitive dermis.

  • Firming coffee

We need coffee powder with coarse grinding (7 g). Mix it with vegetable oil (6 ml). Keep the composition in 5 minutes.

  • Caring honey lip scrub
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Make a mixture of honey (5 ml) of baking soda (1 teaspoon), olive oil (3 drops). After the procedure, keep a lot in 7 minutes. When you remove the remnants of peeling, apply on the surface of the mouth olive oil.

  • Moisturizing almond

Soak overnight two nuts almonds in water. In the morning chop them, then add the glycerin (5 drops). When promassiruyte the face area, leave the peel on for 5 minutes.

  • Regenerating grape

Take brown sugar (25 grams), grape seed oil (1/2 tsp), a pinch of cinnamon and its essential oil (3 drops). After the procedure, hold the weight for 10 minutes.

  • Exfoliating paraffin

It is necessary to mix the same amount of salt, vaseline, and sugar. When you finish skrabirovanie, leave the mixture for 3 minutes.

Scrub for lips at home, you can prepare for the future. Just increase everything in proportion prescription ingredients. Peeling the cooked mass can be stored in a small sealed jar from under cream. The healing part will save your quality at a low temperature, but not more than seven days.

Wonderful results

You do not just lip scrub with your hands, you create the beauty of one of the most sensual, koldovsky beautiful skin. Your lips:

  • Will be a bright
  • Banish excessive dryness
  • Clean small cracking and peeling
  • Perfect prevention of age-related wrinkles

And will bring to mind many men! Love you!