Scrub for dry skin at home: best recipes

Dry skin, like any other, needs regular cleansing. The problem is that the peeling means for her to pick up can be very difficult. Often they contain too rigid particles that easy to injure her, as the layer of subcutaneous fat protects. And still scrub for dry skin there are effective, useful and most suitable for moisturizing and simultaneous purification.

Choose the ingredients

To prepare a scrub for dry skin at home, you need to know what products are included in its composition. It depends on their immediate safety and efficiency. Will not harm dry skin and will be most useful:

  • rolled oats, ground to flour;
  • semolina;
  • pulp strawberry;
  • any dairy products: cream, milk, kefir, sour cream — and they all must be as fat;
  • coffee grounds (but not milled grain);
  • cosmetic clay.

Homemade scrub for dry skin made from these products will not only clean the pores of toxins, dirt and fat, but still the most moist. Precious water molecules remain in the cells will evaporate. The result is excellent condition even the most parched skin. To achieve the desired result, you need to know some of the nuances of making scrubs of this kind.

Use at home

Small beauty secrets for the preparation of scrubs will help to make the procedure of cleansing dry facial skin in a pleasant and comfortable event. The effectiveness of such cosmetics from compliance with certain rules will only increase.

  1. In the scrubs for dry skin type shouldn’t be too hard fine particles. All must be ground into flour. This eliminates accidental injury to the skin.
  2. Each prepared mixture, check on your wrist: it will show you whether the tool allergens to your skin.
  3. To apply this kind of tools is necessary to clean the face, removing all makeup residues.
  4. Do not use a standard for scrubs, salts, nuts, soda — their particles are usually very sharp and can cause injury, scratch and cause peeling.
  5. Instead of water, use warm milk.
  6. Rubbing the scrub and massage, not too press.
  7. The procedure of cleaning (rubbing tools) must not be more than 1 minute. If the facial mask mixture can be left on the face for 5-10 minutes.
  8. Wash all scrubs are the same way — warm water (well, if it is filtered).
  9. Do not use scrubs of this kind too often. 1 time per 7-10 days would be sufficient.
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If you follow these simple rules, scrub for dry skin will become mandatory and one of your most favorite means of home cosmetics. He will carefully and gently care for the skin and effectively moisturize it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose the right recipe and get a divine result.


Recipes of scrubs meant for dry skin, actually not so little. Selecting them, look for ingredients: if the ingredients listed in the recipe.

  • With cereal

A couple of ripe figs pour the hot milk (so that it completely covers them). Leave them to soak for half an hour. Next, RUB a Fig on a grater, add to it 20 g of oat flour, 30 ml milk (which was filled with figs).

  • With semolina

Grate ripe, fresh carrot, mix it in equal proportions with semolina (30 grams of each), pour the warm milk (50 ml).

  • With strawberries

Mash the pulp of strawberries, mix with warm milk to form a slurry.

  • With cream

20 grams oat flour mix with 20 ml of cream and 10 ml of unrefined olive oil.

  • With sour cream

Mix 15 g of sour cream and oat flour, add as much warm milk.

  • With honey

Mix 15 g of oat flour, honey. Add the egg.

  • With vegetable oils

Warm oil (olive and castor) blend 2 tablespoons, add the same amount of oat flour.

  • With coffee grounds

Already used cooled coffee grounds (2 tbsp.) mix with a little milk to desired consistency.

  • With cosmetic clay

Any cosmetic clay (20 g), pour warm milk, to get the desired effect.

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Owners of dry skin need to cleanse the pores from various contaminants, but it should be done very carefully and gently. The responsibility is to choose the right recipe of scrub, which would be kind of moisturizer and cleanser at the same time.