Mask from black dots from gelatin and activated carbon

Pores tend to get clogged various cellular debris: obsolete on age of cells, atmospheric dust and dirt, sebum, decay products after the metabolic processes. Comedones are formed mainly on the nose, chin or forehead: even here T zone of the face is the most problematic. Them squeezing triggers a surge of inflammation, therefore getting rid of them is not so simple.

And here comes the mask of blackheads with gelatin, which can be made at home from available ingredients. How effective is it really?


According to reviews, the mask from black dots from gelatin and activated carbon after the first application significantly reduces the number of comedones on the face. Why is this happening? The thing is — its unusual components. In the gelatin contains collagen of animal origin. Skin contact with it has a amazing effect:

  • at the cellular level increasing the natural production of elastin and collagen, thanks to which the skin becomes taut, young, supple;
  • deep wrinkles are not so noticeable, whereas small with regular use, the masks are smoothed;
  • the outlines of the face are beautiful, clear as a second chin under the lifting action of the gelatin gradually removed;
  • due to the activation of the broken exchange processes cells again receive the nutrients for its full operation, feeding and breathing;
  • this leads to improved complexion, disappearance of inflammation and rash;
  • skin surface: it becomes smooth and silky;
  • sloughed off dead cells, preventing the breathing of the dermal layer;
  • a tonic, bracing effect of gelatin mask gives the skin freshness and long-lasting energy;
  • but the main feature — it dries the skin, eliminates oily Shine from the surface and controls the production of fat special glands.

Activated charcoal in this operation the role of the sorbent, i.e. the purifier. While gelatin holds a small revolution at the cellular level, it pulls out the contents of the comedones, thus freeing the clogged dirt pores.

Adding milk to a recipe is not a necessary step in the preparation of remedies. But it softens the epidermis and makes it more tender. So gelatin face mask of blackheads works — you can not doubt. But how to understand, whether it suits you? There are a number of indications for its use — follow them.

Homemade gelatin mask blackheads recommended for use in the following cases:

  • age-related changes of the epidermis: wrinkles, creases, double chin, and broke the contour of the face, the greyness or yellowness of the skin;
  • constantly arising in different places blackheads — the black dots (in this case is not equal to a gelatin mask with activated charcoal);
  • flabby, Mature, begins already to old, from ptosis sagging skin that has lost elasticity;
  • unnatural, unhealthy, bad complexion;
  • oily or combo skin type.
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After examining this evidence, you must understand that the mask against blackheads with gelatin has not only barbarouses, i.e., a cleansing action. Not only did it successfully pushes to the surface the tube of the comedones. Its functionality is much wider.

So it is possible and even necessary to enjoy such a wide range of its effects on the skin. But be careful: check another list — have contraindications, which may prohibit you to use this wonderful mask.

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As practice shows, the mask of gelatin does not always work as it wants to. In certain cases it can even cause side effects and complications. To avoid this, you need to keep in mind contraindications to its use:

  • dry skin, which after this mask even more will pull together and will start to peel off; the only way is not to take the mask activated carbon, and make it exclusively from gelatin and milk (preferably the bold);
  • strong inflammation on the face, a large number of pimples and blackheads: with a running epidermis mask of gelatin can not cope, you need professional treatment from a dermatologist;
  • open sores, cracks, joints, after surgery, trauma of the face: the active ingredients penetrate this kind of damage deep into the dermis and cause the skin irritation;
  • the area around the eyes: there are no layers of fat, which just created a mask with gelatin and with the coal; applying a mixture of miraculous in this area, you risk the next morning to discover on the eyelids and around the eyes new wrinkles;
  • allergic to one of the components of the mask (it often calls itself gelatin).

After this list, make the appropriate conclusions: mask of blackheads with gelatin — not such a harmless home a cosmetic. Worth several times to think about whether or not it will help you, not hurt. To extract from it the maximum effect to your skin, listen to the advice given by dermatologists, cosmetologists and those who have already tested this mask on yourself.

Tips for use

To make gelatin face mask against blackheads worked hard, and did not disappoint during its preparation and application follow a few guidelines. They are simple and do not require cost or effort.

  1. Only use fresh products and pills, eggs, and milk should be home, farmers: they are more useful for skin substances.
  2. Applying the tool for the first time, first apply a thin layer on your wrist where delicate skin will quickly respond to the presence of the allergen, if present, rash, itching, or redness. If it happens, from the use of the mask have to give.
  3. Before the procedure, cleansing rasparte face over a steam bath on the grass or sit in the hot tub. It will force your pores to open up maximally to the same black spots came out easily and painlessly.
  4. After that it is possible to handle skin scrub — so the cleansing will be even more profound.
  5. Mask with gelatin is imposed from chin to forehead — always in the same direction.
  6. Avoid the eye area.
  7. During the mask, which has a tightening effect, do not strain your facial muscles, which may contribute to the appearance of new wrinkles. Relax in these moments, lie down, relax.
  8. Complete drying of gelatin films happens in about 25 minutes. This is the time of the mask.
  9. Moisten sponge or cotton ball in milk product — kefir, yogurt, sour milk, milk. Promaknite slightly by her mask. It will quickly swell, after which it is necessary to carefully take the edges of the chin and slowly raise up so it is easily and quickly removable.
  10. Apply to the skin daily cream (for tips on choosing a face cream, read here).
  11. Mask with gelatin for the face had a pronounced effect, so not recommended to do it more often than 1 time a week.
  12. Full course — 6 to 10 masks. Then — stay for a couple of months.
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As you can see, the application of the gelatinous mask against blackheads is quite easy and simple if you learn some of the nuances. There is a basic, classic recipe, which is often transformirovalsya various additives in it to enhance the effectiveness of funds.

The General scheme of the preparation of

Classic facial cleansing gelatin of black dots presented in the following scheme preparation.

  1. Store gelatin (no matter in what form — granules, powder, slices), pour the liquid (it can be water, juice, herbal tea, milk) in a ratio of 1 to 5.
  2. The liquid should be cold (cool) or at room temperature.
  3. Give the mixture a good brew, wait until the gelatin completely absorbs the liquid.
  4. Warm the mixture on a water bath until a homogeneous liquid mass. There is also a faster method of bringing the mask to the desired consistency, put capacity with it in the microwave for 15 seconds.
  5. Add to the main mixture all other auxiliary ingredients, if needed.

So preparing the classic mask to remove blackheads with gelatin at home. If you want to enhance its effect against comedones, use as a Supplement, activated charcoal. In fact, the varieties and options of this tool — a huge amount.


Carefully choose the recipe of the mask with gelatin because it is from him will depend on you get rid of the notorious black spots or will continue with them unequal fight.

  • With activated charcoal

1 pounded into powder, a tablet of activated charcoal mixed with classic gelatinous mass. The mask is superimposed solely on the problem area, covering the nose, chin and forehead — the T-shaped section.

  • Milk
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One of the most successful variations of the classic recipe, when gelatin is poured with milk, not water. The result — the skin is softened, despite the drying properties of the mask. If you do, without milk, with regular use of masks can appear lesions of the face.

  • Flour

For oily skin type. To classic gelatinous mask, add 1 tbsp. sour milk (yogurt or kefir), 1 tsp of wheat flour.

For skin prone to dryness and fading. Add to gelatin 1 tbsp whole milk, 1 tsp of oat flour.

  • With fruits and berries

The lifting effect. Gelatin mass to combine with 1 spoon of mashed banana.

For rejuvenation. Banana to replace with apricot, persimmon, avocado, Mandarin, melon, gooseberry.

For normal / combination skin. Make a mask with kiwi, grapes, orange, peach.

For oily skin. Use grapefruit, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, red currants, cherry, pear.

Mask with gelatin against blackheads don’t stand up to any competition. Be sure to use this unusual recipe, try different variations. Certainly, if you are faced with this kind of skin problem, you can fix it at home in such an unusual but simple way.