How and how often to use facial scrub

Three main procedures on which rests the beauty of the face – cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. The most important process, without which the existence of the remaining does not make sense – it’s cleansing. Makeup residue, dead skin, dead epidermis particles, dust, dirt – removal of all this the most important condition of our youth of the skin. The best way to clean the skin scrub.

What is a scrub

The word «scrub» (or rather the English verb to scrub) is translated as scraping, rubbing, brushing, which he does, in fact, with our dermis. The purpose of the peeling is deep, full cleansing of the epidermis, its renewal and at the same time, protection of young cells. Scrub is a complex mixture comprising various components.

Components Components What you need
The softening base of natural foods Kefir, yogurt, sour cream, honey, eggs, vegetable and essential oils Nutrition, hydration and protecting it from accidental damage during the procedure
The abrasive (hard particles of natural origin) Salt, sugar, egg shells, cereals, coffee, nuts, ground fruit pits Pores and resurfacing the upper layers of the epidermis, massage, improving blood circulation

Some of the components can give it, and therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial. Of course, use of these procedures to the mind, if you don’t want to:

  • Infection of the skin surface due to damage
  • The thinning of the protective top layer of the epidermis
  • Violation of water-salt metabolism
  • The appearance of pimples
  • Susiana face

So as not to harm their own person and instead of rejuvenating deep to the opposite effect, you need to know how to use a facial scrub. Let’s talk about this procedure a little more.

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Types of scrubs depending on the type of skin

Abrasive particles that are included in the peel mass can affect a person in different ways. It depends on them the effect of the procedure. But keep in mind the different needs of the person.

Normal skin

Unfortunately, the winner of this type of epidermis is very rare. After 30 years of normal skin usually goes into a state of fatty or dry. This derma care is needed not less than problematic.

Looks like What she needs Advice on the selection of the peeling How often can I use the facial scrub
Fresh, elastic, non-comedogenic, acne and inflammation Prevention Any kind of scrub Once every seven days

Dry skin

Very bad responds to changes in weather (especially cold wind), the impact of soap, some cosmetics. Basically, the dry type of the epidermis occurs in women after 40 years. Dryness increases with age.

Looks like What she needs Advice on the selection of scrub How often to do the scrubbing
Thin, matte, earlier wrinkles, prone to irritations More moisture, fat, nutrients increase collagen Mild, gentle scrubs, thick base. The abrasive little particles in a small amount In a month no more than 3 times

Oily skin

She is untidy and unattractive. But it later just overcome wrinkles. This epidermis has a tendency to improve after 30 years of age goes to the mixed type.

Looks like What she needs Advice on the selection of the peeling How often to use the scrub
High Shine, enlarged pores and you have acne, inflammations Improve blood circulation, remove excess fat Ideal Foundation is a cosmetic clay. Abrasive need to take tougher and larger Every 4 days
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How to use

Purification. Clean the face of the usual tonic, lotion residue from makeup.

The warming up. Before the procedure wet the skin with hot towels or steam bath (body scrubs work best in wet conditions, when facial pores are the most open).

Application. Slowly, gently, lightly massaging the dermis, treat it for 3-4 minutes.

  • From tip of nose to top of ears
  • From the center of the chin to the ear lobes
  • From the middle of the forehead to the temples

Survive. After surface treatment, it is necessary for some time to leave scrabulous a lot on the face. At this time, it takes all the useful components that gives peeling.

Flushing. Warm water, soft Pat.

The final. Apply a nourishing moisturizer.


Unfortunately, there are certain circumstances where the application of the scrub is harmful and does more bad than good. It can be carried out at the following issues:

  • Prolonged feeling of tightness, even after the procedure
  • During the procedure, you begin to feel itching or burning sensation
  • Severe irritation, damage to the surface of the skin
  • Extensive lesions of acne
  • Skin burnt after sun

Important tips

Do not use a scrub designed for the body to clean the face (it has more large abrasive particles).

The best time for the procedure. During this period, the division of epidermal cells increases, a person is more susceptible to the effects of useful procedures and supplements.

If a sauna or steam bath, take a suitable scrub. It will be perfect if the epidermis will be steamed and wetlands.

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Scrub – a great tool, it will give your skin youthful, fresh, smooth and beauty! Make friends with them for sure! And be beautiful!