Face mask with activated charcoal at home

In every home medicine Cabinet there are small black pills of activated charcoal – wonderful helpers in various poisoning or diarrhea. Coal powder – the substance is absolutely safe, since it is obtained by burning of different wood. A particularly useful and high-quality coal (according to the doctors) made from walnut shells. Well, from a cosmetic point of view for our skin useful charcoal powder of any kind.

The magic power of the adsorbent

Activated charcoal powder is the perfect antidote. It effectively neutralizes harmful substances in our body, relieves it from toxins. The same effect have face masks with charcoal. Skin care products, based on the coal powder, have a complex effect and 90% solve many skin problems:

  • heal the inflamed areas;
  • remove acne, pimples and comedones;
  • dried oily, seborrheic skin;
  • smooth cover of the epidermis;
  • tone and improve the color of the epidermis.

Face mask with activated charcoal in the home is able to fully rehabilitate, renew and rejuvenate skin of any age. The greatest effect these funds will bring, if the outside care to combine with the ingestion of these tablets.

Work in the «rear»

Getting into the body, the coal powder normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, while «sucking» your body needs and removing many harmful substances. It immediately improves the appearance of the epidermis.

The daily intake of tablets of activated is calculated according to the scheme: for every 10 kg of weight on one piece. They should take three times a day by even portions. It is desirable to do before meals.

But know that the coal powder along with the toxins are able to «take» from the body and many useful minerals, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Therefore, ingestion of this tool is not more than 10 days.

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Impossible! Make coal powder into ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Face mask with charcoal can also take away from of the skin as a harmful and useful substances. Therefore, in composition of coal products include additional ingredients that make up the dermis «stolen» activated powder substance.

Rules competent care

Course coal masks designed for 5-6 weeks. Then be sure to let the skin rest for two months. Use only fresh charcoal and apply the healing tool on the prepared dermis (pre-cleanse and steam the face). Any means of activated carbon powder should affect the epidermis no more than 20 minutes. It is easily removed – just remove it by slipping over the edge. Residues can be washed off with warm water.

  • for very problematic skin treatments should be performed weekly two times;
  • the other one is a weekly procedure coal therapy.

Attention! If you have purulent lesions of the dermis, ulcers, open wounds, injuries, stitches or fresh squeezed pimples, pimples and a rosacea (how to treat it at home read here) is a mask with activated charcoal is not recommended.

Best homemade recipes

Deep cleansing

We need:

  • activated charcoal (1 tablet);
  • black or green cosmetic clay (10 gr.);
  • gelatin (8 oz.);
  • warm water (16 ml).

Thoroughly mix all ingredients (gelatin is added to the last turn). Leave the bulk to a quarter of an hour for the swelling of gelatin, and then a little warm up in the microwave or steamed to dissolve the gelatin granules. Apply. Cleansing facial mask with activated carbon in combination with cosmetic clay additionally nourishes the skin and regenerates it.

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Remove comedones

We need:

  • gelatin (4 oz.);
  • milk (5 ml);
  • coal (0.5 tablets).

Gelatin grind together with coal and add the warmed milk. A lot can be a bit warm for better dispersion of the ingredients. Gelatin face mask with active carbon from black dots is applied only to problem areas. When applying use a stiff brush (she needs to «drive» the mass in the zone of concentration of black dots).

Recondition the leather

We need:

  • green and white clay (4 oz.)
  • the coal powder (20 gr.);
  • crushed rose petals (10 oz.);
  • gelatin (5 g.);
  • lavender essential oil or geranium (3 drops).

The mixture of the components of the dilute tea infusion, herbal decoction or vegetable, fruit juice (of your choice). Revitalizing face mask with activated carbon and gelatin in combination with apyrase and clay have a beneficial effect on oily skin, nourishing it and bringing.

Tightens the facial contour

We need:

  • charcoal powder (15 gr.);
  • Aloe Vera juice (7 ml);
  • sea salt (5 oz.);
  • gelatin (5 g.);
  • efirol ‘ tea tree (4 drops).

In a mixture of components carefully add warm water until thick mass. In such a rejuvenating face mask with gelatin and activated carbon instead of water add milk (it acts on the dermis more delicate, at the same time bleaching it). Gelatin, activated charcoal, milk combined with Aloe and sea salt provide a deep lifting effect. At the same time such tools and to treat oily and irritated skin.

Narrow pores

We need:

  • aspirin and activated charcoal (1 tablet);
  • gelatin powder (8 gr.).

Gelatin, pour warm water and wait about quarter of an hour. Separately grind the coal and aspirin pills and mix with warm water. Combine the mixture and heated in a water bath. Once applied to the skin. The mask with activated charcoal, and aspirin are well dried inflammatory areas, will cleanse the face and give it a gorgeous color.

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Preventive measures

We need:

  • the white of an egg;
  • almond oil (5 ml);
  • lemon juice (7 ml);
  • the coal powder (5 gr.).

In beaten egg white, add other ingredients and slightly heat the mixture. Preventive mask with activated carbon and protein is suitable for normal skin with a tendency to greasiness. The mask works antisepticise, nourishing the dermis and restoring the sebaceous glands.

Balance the skin

We need:

  • decoction of chamomile and green tea (10 ml);
  • gelatin (8 oz.);
  • small cucumber;
  • the coal powder (5 gr.).

Cucumber wipe through a sieve, separating the juice and pulp of the vegetable. In the pulp add a decoction of chamomile and tea. Then gently add the gelatin powder. The mixture can be heated for complete dissolution of components. In the last instance added to the ground diluted with water activated carbon. Cucumber mass with gelatin and activated carbon additionally has a cleansing effect, and chamomile broth along with the green tea perfectly tones the skin, restoring the complexion.

Be beautiful!