Face mask orange: use, contraindications, recipes

Orange juice, pulp and zest are often used in cosmetics. Orange fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, which tone, smooth and moisturize the skin. The right combination of orange component with the honey, cinnamon, dairy products and essential oils will help at home to improve the skin, to return to her youthful and radiant appearance.

The use of masks

The use of face masks orange is obvious: the composition of the fruit components that cleanse oily and moisturize dry, combination nourish and whiten dark skin. The effect of this is quite soft, and due to the natural ingredients the likelihood of side effects is minimal.

Fresh juice of tropical fruit, necessarily included with each mask, rich in vitamin C. This vitamin improves the flow of blood and lymph in the skin cells, which immediately normalizes skin tone. Vitamin C paired with E slows down the aging of epidermis cells. Volatile and antioxidants are collected in the peel and pulp, reduce the risk of cancer of the skin and also whiten it.

It should be noted that face masks with orange oil, home-made, less expensive visit to the beauty parlor.

Contraindications for orange cosmetics

Even a properly prepared mask from the orange can hurt. The fact that a tropical fruit is quite a strong allergen and before you experiment with it, it is better to perform a simple reaction test.

  1. Cut a small piece of orange.
  2. RUB them with the skin on the bend of the wrist or behind the ear.
  3. Not washing the sticky juice, wait half an hour.
  4. Make sure that there are skin irritations, rashes and other side effects.
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Besides the danger for Allergy sufferers, the orange component can cause sunburns. Mask of orange for the face should not be used before going to the beach, and 1-2 days after the procedure, you should use sunscreen before every exposure to the sun.

Orange face mask at home is prepared immediately before use. The composition should not be stored longer than an hour. It is not necessary to peresidit the skin with citrus, one treatment a week is enough.


Toning facial mask of orange peel

The cosmetic composition of the mixture is simple, it includes:

  • grated peel of one orange;
  • two scoops of cottage cheese;
  • two tablespoons of Flaxseed oil;
  • spoon of fish oil.

Dried orange peel can be ground in a mortar or grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting flour in a non-metallic bowl mix with cheese, then pour in fish oil and Flaxseed oil.

Apply an orange face mask neat uniform thin layer. To obtain a tonic effect and light lifting to keep the mixture need a few minutes, then remove the cloth and wash with toner. In a few minutes on the skin to apply a layer of light moisturizer.

Whitening mask of orange and honey

The composition is well whitens the skin, moisturizes, smoothes small wrinkles. To prepare the mixture you need:

  • dried Linden flowers, they are easy to find in the pharmacy;
  • three spoonfuls of orange juice;
  • half dessert spoons of honey;
  • yogurt or sour cream.

Linden flowers have half an hour to insist on the juice. After it is decanted into a separate container, the juice is added with honey and yogurt or sour cream. Blend for a few minutes is placed in a water bath and is made to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

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Apply this facial mask with orange juice with a brush or cotton pad to dry the skin a thin layer. Removed the part in 15 minutes, and then encouraged to wash with tonic or mineral water. After the procedure, better not to get in a few hours.

Rejuvenating face mask with orange oil

Gives the effect of getting rid of mimic and age wrinkles, which are visible to the naked eye. The only difficulty lies in the fact that for the preparation of facial masks with essential oil of orange will require a whole set of esters, each of which a peculiar effect on the skin, but is achieved holistically explicit rejuvenating effect of the procedure.

The mask ingredients:

  • seven spoons of orange juice;
  • two spoons of germinated wheat;
  • four drops of orange essential oil;
  • two drops of the oils of sandalwood and rose.

Wheat grass should be grind, but after you fill them with orange juice and esters.

The composition is applied for 10 minutes and wash it off preferably by means of a swab soaked with fresh, cool milk.