Colorless henna for face: the secrets, benefits and recipes of masks

About it is known to all. Gift wise of the East, an excellent remedy for hair care. But this famous remedy can give a lot of useful and our appearance. Colorless henna for the skin used in cosmetics since 1912. It’s time for us to apply it in practice.

Colorless henna (Henna) is produced from the shrub of Lawsonite. The leaves of the plant are washed in acidic medium with extractants. All the liquid with pigments removed, but the composition and unique anti-aging properties are fully preserved.

The secrets and benefits of henna without pigment

Colorless henna for face has a unique combination of rare mineral elements, has healing, anti-aging properties.

Ancient manuscripts of the East tell us that even in those times when there lived the great prophet Mohammed, any skin disease (even a small scratch) not treated without. And the beautiful appearance of Oriental women were hiding in the secrets of the ancient recipes of healing masks.

Recipes masks

Henna for the face as a mask suited to everyone (she’s not allergic). Before the procedure, thoroughly clean the face. And remember that for mixing masks Henna do not use containers made of metal. After use a suitable nourishing cream.

For dry skin

The mask of colorless henna to deeply moisturize dry, chapped skin. Every cell of the epidermis will get a boost of vitality. The effect of such masks will be immediate, noticeable after the first procedure.

Vitamin. Henna (10 ml), brew with boiling water (2 Dec. spoons). Stir until a thick paste without any lumps. Let it cool and pour a capsule of vitamin A (oil solution you can buy in pharmacies). Add fatty sour cream (10-15 ml). Rest 20 minutes.

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Olive. Powder (1 tablespoon) pour the hot water and olive oil (5 ml). On face keep for 15 minutes.

For oily skin

Mask of henna for face will greatly improve the condition of oily epidermis will remove the extra gloss. Your face will reveal a healthy, radiant color. Normal operation of the internal cutaneous glands.

Honey. Liquid honey (15 ml) mixed with chopped herb (1 tbsp). Mix gently. The mask is ready. The duration of 20 minutes. A honey mask is best to do before bed.

Mask with yogurt and henna. Dilute with hot water the leaves Jenny (1 tablespoon) and add the yogurt (45-50 ml). Instead of yogurt you can take yogurt or yogurt. Mix everything carefully. Resting time 20 minutes.

For normal skin

Combination and normal skin will get a lot of additional useful elements. The structure of the skin will improve dramatically. After the course of treatments you rejuvenate eyes.

Mask with henna and Aloe juice. In warm water add the powder (1 tablespoon) and bred to a state of mushy mass. Add Aloe Vera juice (30 ml) and thoroughly kneaded. The procedure time is 25 minutes.

Yolk. In hot water dilute Henna (1,5 tbsp). Add the yolk of one egg, sour cream (15-20 ml) and the pulp of a small banana. Mass thoroughly mixed. The duration of the yolk mask for 20-25 minutes.

For oily skin

This amazing plant is able to deliver you from many troubles (inflammation, acne, cupids). She has the power to whiten the face and remove fine lines and wrinkles.

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With essential oils (anti-inflammatory, for acne). In a mixture of crushed leaves of Lawsonite (2 tbsp) and hot water to introduce a few drops of different essential oils (rosemary, fir and tea tree). All carefully mix and leave in a closed bowl for 10-15 minutes. Apply a thick layer. Relax for 25-30 minutes.

With cosmetic clay (purifying, the black dots). Powder plants (1 tbsp) mixed with suitable clay (2 teaspoons):

  • For skin prone to fat fit green or white.
  • For dry and sensitive take red clay.
  • For inflamed need blue.

Gradually add warm water until a uniform thick slurry. Blend and wait for 25-30 minutes.

Mask with henna and gelatin (whitening). In Lawsonia (1 tbsp) stir in pre-soaked in hot water gelatin (1 teaspoon). To the mixture add the pulp of a medium-sized cucumber and chamomile extract (10 ml). Mix well. Time gelatinous mask for 15-20 minutes.

Our results depend on the quality of the product. Buy it only in specialized shops and pharmacies (even if you do a tour of the Eastern countries).

By the way, in the East, henna is a cosmetic powder preparations, even those where natural Henna is absent. Especially this sin of active sellers in noisy Eastern markets. Be careful! And beautiful!