High blood pressure during pregnancy: how to lower high, lower in the later stages

Pregnancy and hypertension ― it is difficult compatible concepts. Because at elevated pressure the mother will certainly suffer and the fruit. In addition to the ill health of the child in the womb, high blood pressure threatens a violation of proper formation. And for most women high blood pressure during pregnancy, expressed in the convulsive form, could face the loss of a child or death. Therefore, during regular examinations in gynecology be sure to measure pressure in pregnant women.

What does it mean high blood pressure

High blood pressure in medical practice is called hypertension or hypertension. The difference in these two concepts is only in the fact that essential hypertension is characterized by constant or periodic increase of arterial pressure and acts essentially diagnosis. And hypertension is its state of crisis or, in other words, a symptom. Blood pressure represents the voltage of the blood, dependent on the contractile power of the myocardium, which supports the rhythm at a certain level. The heart muscle can be compared with the pumping mechanism, within 60 seconds, the myocardium produces from 64 to 87 layoffs.

When measuring the voltage level of the blood flow in the arteries, it is customary to record two measures:

  • The top (systolic) blood pressure is gaining momentum during contraction of the myocardium.
  • The lower (diastolic) pressure of the blood flow at the time of cardiac muscle relaxation.
  • The danger of high pressure in pregnancy is the vasoconstriction that occurs at the moment of entering into the bloodstream of certain hormones and is influenced by nerve impulses. When vasoconstriction is known to blood circulation.

    This pathology is characterized by insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood to the organs and tissues.

    On the background of arterial hypertension in a pregnant woman may develop:

    • Placental pathology, expressed in its failure.
    • The inability to carry a pregnancy to term (premature).
    • Fetal stop the development of the embryo.
    • The early detachment of the placenta.
    • Bleeding.

    The systematic lack of hemoglobin leads to hypoxia of the pregnant woman and fetus, which induces the proliferation of the bodies connective tissue. When large-scale replacement of healthy cells of any organ with connective tissue, the body ceases to function fully. For this reason during pregnancy high blood pressure should not be underestimated. And the time to start taking medication to lower blood pressure.

    Classification of hypertension stages and form

    Crisis condition of hypertension during pregnancy is considered to be raising voltage higher blood 140 90 mm Hg the Ideal blood pressure during pregnancy is recognized in the range from 100 (110) 60 (70) units. Maximum of the normal range is considered a blood stress of 120/80 mmHg, anything above it is diagnosed as hypertension in pregnant women. Hypertension in pregnancy is divided into three degrees of severity depending on the magnitude of the upper and lower blood pressure.

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    Classification of blood pressure in pregnancy.

    Stage I (mild) is from 140 to 160 systolic and 90 to 100 diastolic figure. In this phase of organ damage are lacking.

    Stage II (medium) ― from 160 to 180 top and 100 to 110 lower value. This period is characterized by the development of the following pathologies:

    • wall thickening of the muscle of the ventricle (left);
    • reduction of the vascular lumen of retinal;
    • the increase of albumin in the urine;
    • excess products creatine-phosphate reactions in plasma fluid;
    • atherosclerotic pathology of the vascular system.

    Stage II (severe) ― from 180 to 200 and 110 from the upper and more lower limit data. At the onset of the critical last degree can be observed:

    • angina;
    • cardiac or renal failure;
    • myocardial infarction or stroke, cerebral;
    • hypertensive encephalopathy;
    • occlusive lesions of the vessels;
    • dissecting aneurysm and possibly other pathologies.

    In severe cases can induce hypertension in pregnant women in a serious manner. For this pathology can occur in crisis during pregnancy and hypertension. The complications of hypertensive pathology is caused by the fact that the cardiovascular system of the pregnant woman has to double the load for themselves and for the fetus.

    Hypertensive crisis occurs abruptly, so it is better not to bring his condition to critical.

    Hypertensive crisis is classified depending on the forms:

  • Neurovegetative form appears suddenly in the form of unreasonable fear, sweating, blanching of the skin, initiated behavior and some other characteristics.
  • Edematous form is characterized by a slow increase in symptoms such as swelling of the face and the entire body surface, accompanied by as feeling of weakness, drowsiness, lethargy and disturbance of orientation in the surrounding space.
  • Convulsive form is expressed by a sudden fainting, in which the convulsions. Convulsive hypertonic shock in pregnancy most dangerous, because it can be followed by death.
  • The risk of developing hypertension among pregnant

    • Initially the excess body weight either high weight gain during gestation of the fetus.
    • The tendency to hypertension in previous pregnancies and while nursing.
    • The age limit to 17 after 35 years.
    • Hereditary factor in hypertension.
    • Chronic internal pathology.
    • The presence of several embryos.

    The symptoms of high blood pressure in pregnant women

    In the beginning of pregnancy and hypertension, and its consequences, find themselves slightly. Feeling quite normal, the woman in the situation continues to maintain the old way of life, unaware of evolving pathology. If time does not take measures that reduce the high pressure in the early stages of pregnancy, hypertension can greatly harm both women and the emerging child.

    The main symptoms of hypertension during pregnancy:

    • Feeling pressure on the eyeballs or the flashing of «black spots» in his eyes.
    • The feeling of pressure and pain in the head.
    • Dizziness or feeling in the ears noise.
    • Nausea or vomiting.
    • Strong hyperemia (redness) of the face and décolleté or the emergence of some red spots.
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    High blood pressure at the initial stage of pregnancy is under the influence of stressors or mental fatigue that is a consequence of neurosis. During pregnancy in the later stages of pathological feelings can increase because of the formation of the second circulation in which the blood circulates between the mother and fetus. Changes in the body of the expectant mother is subjected to the cardiovascular system women increased load. And the lack of cell nourishment, and oxygen starvation is fraught with serious failure in the functioning of the organs and systems of the pregnant body. Therefore, in the treatment of hypertension in pregnant women tighten not worth it.

    Treatment of hypertension in pregnancy

    What to do for hypertension in pregnant women? Arterial hypertension in pregnancy treatment is not only to therapy, which stipulates that women drinking pills, lowering blood pressure. There is also no medication methods to treat high blood pressure during pregnancy. Many women wondering how to lower blood pressure during pregnancy and you can drink the pills during pregnancy in the early stages, if the increased tension of the blood flow in the arteries.

    Pregnant take the pills undesirable.

    But if much increased arterial pressure, but the woman had already passed inspection in this regard, and she has specifically permitted pills to normalize blood stress. Then the intake of drugs is permitted. When the cardiologist of medications to normalize blood pressure, you need complete confidence in the absence of the drug of the harmful effects on the health of the fetus and the mother. Moreover, while medication high blood pressure need to measure readings in the morning and evening. Because blood pressure tends to rise and fall within a short period of time.

    Many women who bears a child, is concerned about how to lower blood pressure during pregnancy without the use of strong drugs. In the case where the blood pressure increased dramatically, it is permissible to use easy and completely safe sedative, such as tincture of motherwort, peony, Valerian, peppermint and similar plants. But you will need to make sure that the HELL does not become too low because low blood pressure is also does not Bode well for the child and for mother. With too low blood pressure will have to go back to medicine now, and try to increase it to normal.

    Diet for hypertension in pregnant women

    In the period of gestation of the fetus, women are advised to stick to a diet, but not necessarily balanced. «Eat for two» is necessary. Too rapid weight gain pregnant entails a lot of health deviations, including increased blood pressure. In addition, the exclusion of certain foods and spices can help normalize BP.

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    Products lowering increased blood pressure include:

    • Beets and her fresh juice.
    • The carrots and squeezed the juice out of it.
    • Pumpkin in cheese and baked.
    • All kinds of cabbage.

    Drinks include supporting the increased arterial pressure in norm, therefore of green tea, weak tea with lemon, herbal teas (with mint, lemon balm and other calming crops). Great help in the fight against high blood pressure during pregnancy fresh squeezed juices from citrus fruits.

    Admirably with high blood pressure fruit drinks of cranberry and cowberry.

    During pregnancy, especially when a woman is prone to increased manifestations of hypertension, it is strictly prohibited the consumption of chocolate, coffee, strong tea. To maintain blood pressure in the norm will need to restrict salt in the diet to one level teaspoon. Will have to maintain the balance of drinking, to drink pure water need no less and no more daily individual standards. Meat and derivative of them contribute to the thickening of the blood, and thus increase pressure in blood system, for this reason it is better to replace a bird or fish.

    From all the above facts it becomes clear that pregnancy for hypertension to conceive should be strictly under the supervision of a cardiologist, neurologist, gynaecologist or other doctor with a needed specialization. In the planning period, pregnancy and after childbirth the woman and her family must firmly grasp that, you will need to purposefully avoid any of even the slightest stressful situations. It will be a great prevention of high blood pressure in the expectant mother. It is considered that the woman carrying a new life, to eat for two. This is an absolutely true statement. But for a pregnant doubled not only the amount of food, but also relaxation and time spent outdoors.