Drugs for hypertension a new generation: a list of modern pills, new drugs

In the modern world, increase in blood pressure is almost a rock generation. The danger of this disease is that its symptoms are extremely vague. Man can long to live, not even noticing the presence of high blood pressure. When the pressure in the blood vessels increased, it begins to push on the walls, which in turn increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is therefore very important to know the symptoms and signs of this disease in order to timely refer to a specialist or taking medication for hypertension.

Most often for the treatment of hypertension specialists prescribed drugs for use inside pills, it is worth noting that many funds in this group, there are a large number of unpleasant side effects.

It is for this reason experts have begun to prescribe drugs for hypertension a new generation, a list of which at the moment is increasing. The newest medication hypertension not only help to reduce the risk of side effects, but also contribute to improving the quality of life of patients. Today our theme is a new generation of drugs, so let’s take a look.

Group of drugs for hypertension

At the moment there are a few groups of drugs for hypertension a new generation of their list is regularly increasing. They are usually used by specialists from high blood pressure. These groups differ not only in composition, as the differences can be found in the methods of action and localization of their action.

But the main feature of these drugs is in stabilizirovannyi blood pressure, for patients suffering from hypertension, it is important to reduce the pressure.

But let’s look at these groups in more detail:

  • Drugs with a sedative effect. The funds from hypertension in particular is aimed at the human nervous system and relieve agitation, thereby reducing the production of adrenaline. This is not a sophisticated way to protect vascular system against stressful situations. Often part of the tablets this group includes a variety of mint extract or tincture of Valerian. The only significant drawback is the strong lockup of the reaction.
  • Drugs that promote vasodilation. These tablets from a hypertension are directed directly into the vascular system, namely expanding the lumen of blood vessels. Here there are drugs such as myotropic (direct action on blood vessels), neurotropic (influence muscle tone and adjusts it accordingly). This group does not fit all, due to the peculiarities of the manifestation of side effects, there is tachycardia, profuse sweating. Of course it is forbidden to assign to this group of people suffering from heart disease.
  • Drugs that promote fluid excretion (diuretics). These drugs for hypertension is aimed at removing excess fluid and salts from the human body. The high content of fluid in the body also increases the total blood volume and increases blood pressure. It should be noted that diuretics need to be careful because they have a number of side effects. For example, the increased risk of diabetes, fatigue, disruptions in hormone production, increases the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. But older drugs have a significant disadvantage, namely the excretion of potassium, but the accumulation of a large number of calcium salts.
  • Calcium antagonists, inhibitors. This group of drugs is relatively young and is just beginning to develop. Considered one of the best ways to lower blood pressure. The mechanism of this group is on the cellular level, regulating almost all metabolic processes, allowing you to smoothly and gently lower the pressure. These drugs are prescribed, if in addition to hypertension, there are other disease. Inhibitors used if the patient has developed hypertension as a complication of diabetes, predominantly of the second type. Calcium antagonists are used if hypertension occurred as a complication of atherosclerosis
  • Magnesia. This tool helps to relieve spasm of smooth muscle, also noted an analgesic effect. Often specialists use this drug to treat heart rhythm disorders.
  • Alpha blockers. These drugs have a very strong effect of removing spasms and expanding blood vessels and thus increasing the clearance. This drug is recommended to be taken with diuretics, as if taking alpha-blockers may appear side effects such as headache, severe swelling. Most often they take only in emergency situations. Especially when other medication is not able to provide any help. Very addictive, long-term consumption causes tachycardia (palpitations).
  • Beta-blockers. These drugs in particular affect the heart rate, and therefore reduces their number. Also causes a weakening of the vessel wall, greatly reduces the total volume of blood that enters the vessel over a period of time. All this leads to quite a rapid drop in blood pressure. Often prescribe this drug, if the background of hypertension, a tachycardia, ischemic heart disease, arrhythmias of heart beats. Used in cases where there are complaints of soreness in the heart or there bouts. Not rare are the cases when beta blockers are used if hypertension occurred against the background of violations of the endocrine system.
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Each of the above team could easily deal with the increase in blood pressure, but in more advanced situations, on the second or third stages, experts recommend to use several groups of water treatment, to achieve greater effect. Also it is recommended to use combined therapy, namely to use other drugs, thus, can be blocked by the increased pressure and would be treating the symptoms.

Many drugs are the old generation has one drawback – it is a temporary effect, as soon as you finish the preparations, the pressure will begin to grow again, that is why the appointment of a specialist in drugs for hypertension are life.

Cure hypertension new generation

A breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry came in the late 1990-ies, innovations in methods for the treatment of hypertension, became a sensation. The preparations of the new generation has got some positive sides, namely a mild decrease in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of complications. And, of course, they are perfectly it lowers blood pressure to normal range.

The main difference from the old generation medications, medications for hypertension the latest generation have a long enough effect.

The blocker of calcium channels

The most interesting and important tool was the blocker of calcium channels, as you might guess, it’s improved and brought to near ideal antagonist of potassium, let’s look at the list of new drugs:

  • Cinnarizine.
  • Bepridil.
  • Nifedipine.
  • Verapamil.

The mechanism of this drug is very simple, it affects the internal metabolic processes, mainly those involving calcium.

Thus do not allow to penetrate the calcium in the cardiovascular system, and correspondingly lower need for oxygen, therefore, the pressure does not increase.

The medicine of the new generation of hypertension tolerate people of any age.

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Diuretic of the new generation

An improved version of diuretics does not allow to accumulate calcium salts and washes away all the potassium from the human body. Note the following new drugs:

  • Rolofylline.
  • Torasemid.

The last couple of years, experts increasingly begin to appoint a complex treatment of hypertension, primarily using modern medicines from hypertension. They can have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the patient, also improve the quality of life. Often combined diuretics and inhibitory. But such modern means as adepal or twynsta possess three properties, namely, an antispasmodic, diuretic and dilates blood vessels.

It is worth remembering that no matter how perfect the technique of modern drugs for the treatment of hypertension, begin to take them after consultation with a specialist. It is forbidden to self-medicate, such actions you can make worse your body, increase the risk of complications, and the like. You should always follow the prescribed instructions and follow the dosage written. You also need to know how to conduct first aid in hypertensive.