Beta-blockers: list of drugs for hypertension, beta-blockers, the latest generation of

Unfortunately, with age or for other reasons, the heart muscle ceases to contract properly, but modern medications effectively help to stimulate contraction of the muscles of the heart. Beta-blockers were the basis of many drugs for angina and lower blood pressure, in their composition they contain a special substance that is a barrier from the negative effects on the heart adrenaline. To facilitate the search of these drugs, commonly referred to as ending in «lol», consider the most effective and popular beta blockers list of drugs for hypertension, take a look at indications and contraindications of these drugs.

The purpose of using

Medical statistics puts the deaths from cardiovascular disease in the first place, therefore, the fight with these diseases have acquired global scale, every year the best specialists are developing more effective drugs for the treatment of hypertension and other diseases in this category. The majority of them and include beta-blockers. As mentioned above, the primary goal of these funds include reducing the influence of adrenaline on the heart muscle, the secretion of this hormone increases the heart, resulting in an increase in blood pressure, which adversely affects the operation of the organism as a whole.

In essence, these drugs affect:

  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • decrease in risks of complications for hypertension;
  • reduces risk of heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

But what would be the purpose of not carrying these tools, taking them without medical supervision is prohibited, no need to self-medicate, the dosage and timing of intake should appoint a specialist.


In modern medicine there is a huge number of blockers, all aimed at slowing the nerve impulse, but each tool depends on its actions on the receptors, and also other features:

  • lipophilic — are used for the passage of substances between the vessel and the nerve fiber, easy dissolve in fat-like environment, lipophilic drugs are metabolized by the liver. The most common — Metoprolol;
  • for action primarily in the aquatic environment is subject to hydrophilic beta-blockers, specified type slower is the change in the liver, almost it is not processed, so the duration of action is longer. One of these drugs — Atenolol;
  • all beta blokatori are two types of beta receptor called beta-1 and beta-2. If drugs simultaneously acts on both receptors, it is called non-selective, if only one, then it is called selective. To newyorkny beta-blockers for hypertension include nadolol. A sample of the same substance have an effect on beta-1, which are concentrated in the heart muscle, therefore, these substances have a second name — Cardioselective, Bisoprolol;
  • there is a group of beta-blockers, which are used to stop negative actions of beta-adrenergic receptors, most often these drugs are prescribed in the auxiliary treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. The function of medication in this case is to facilitate the process of urination in men is the most nominated Doxazosin;
  • a separate group of drugs include Concor, the active substance is Bisoprolol, the drug is neutral, do not change the level of blood sugar, as do other active substances of this series.
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Modern medicine does not stand still, every year scientists-pharmacists are developing new beta-blockers, so one generation is replaced by other drugs. If we classify these drug substances into groups by date of release, all beta-blockers are divided into three generations, the modern — third, scientists are trying to reduce the risks of side effects, increase the effectiveness of active ingredients, etc.

  • First generation beta-blockers in hypertension — Propranolol, Nadolol.
  • The second generation Atenolol, Bisoprolol;
  • To the modern medicine include Celiprolol and Carvedilol.
  • The drugs of the last generation increased the duration of action in the body, so the patient needs to take them only once a day, all preparations of the third generation are aimed at relaxing the blood vessels.


    One of the most modern and effective drugs is Konkor. The drug belongs to the beta-1-blockers, the main active ingredient is Bisoprolol. The active substance does not affect the respiratory system, but still there are some contraindications.

    Concor takes once a day, does not require grinding.

    During the reception of Concor dilate coronary vessels, reduced blood pressure, reduced pulse rate.

    The medication there is an analogue of the Coronal.


    Beta-blockers hypertension applicable to a number of other diseases, their list is very broad. Patients with the following diseases are shown beta-blockers:

    • ischemia of the heart;
    • as mentioned above, hypertension;
    • heart failure;
    • tachycardia;
    • myocardial infarction;
    • various complications in diabetes.

    Also, these drugs are used in combination with other medicines in the treatment of autonomic disorders, migraine, withdrawal syndrome. Which beta-blocker to apply in a particular case decides physician after a detailed examination of the patient, only he can recommend the dosage and frequency of medication.

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    Hypertensive heart disease involves the treatment of these drugs, in this case, a long course of therapy, and you must strictly follow the doctor’s recommendation:

    • to assign the inhibitors themselves are not allowed, because they have many side effects and some contraindications;
    • also the doctor need to talk about all transferred and current diseases, and chronic diseases;
    • because these medications can have on the hormonal background of women, it is necessary during a medical consultation to talk about pregnancy or planning a pregnancy, but this does not mean that the period of carrying a child receiving beta-blockers is prohibited, some categories of drugs prescribed in the third trimester under the supervision of a physician;
    • to adjust the dosage and duration of the use of drugs required to keep a blood pressure diary where to record all the readings of pressure change during the day;
    • because beta-blockers have several side effects, and it is only allowed under the strict control of the attending physician, and the patient should carefully observe and listen to the reaction his body;
    • to reduce the risk of side effects, these drugs should be taken with food or immediately after;
    • if the patient will have anaesthesia, on admission beta-blockers need to say in advance, even anesthesia during the tooth removal in people taking these drugs, especially acts.

    Side effects

    As mentioned above, beta-blockers have many side effects, therefore, the appointment of the preparations takes place under the strict control of the attending physician. The main side effects include:

    • chronic fatigue;
    • bradycardia;
    • asthma attacks;
    • blockade;
    • the development of shortness of breath upon any physical stress;
    • hypoglycemia;
    • with a sharp lifting of the drug can be observed jumps in blood pressure;
    • increases the risk of heart attacks.
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    There are a number of diseases, in which the reception beta-blockers can cause the risk of complications current infections:

    • diabetes mellitus;
    • chronic depression;
    • obstructive disease of the respiratory system;
    • pathology in the blood supply;
    • dyslipidemia.


    In some diseases, these drugs strictly forbidden the doctor to find another treatment method. Such diseases include:

    • bronchial asthma;
    • Allergy to the flesh of angioedema;
    • aetiology in severe forms;
    • blockade;
    • pathology the sinus node;
    • pathology of blood vessels;
    • hypotension.


    It should be noted that beta-blockers do not cancel abruptly, often there is the so-called withdrawal syndrome, as mentioned above, there may be sharp jumps in blood pressure. In rare cases, with the sharp reversal of these drugs develops hypertensive crisis. Within what time to be the cure, decides physician, sometimes cancel takes several weeks.

    Once again we remind that the beta-blockers, these medicines for hypertension was shown above, a substance with many side effects and contraindications, it is not recommended to take them without a doctor’s prescription, uncontrolled intake of drugs can lead to serious consequences for the health of the patient.